Posted On December 17, 2007

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Posted On December 13, 2007

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what did i do today well i went 2 school um hung out with my friends talked 2 much and go tin trouble for that (but thats on a daily basis) listend 2 my ipod( don’t no what i would do with out it) checked out help me on cp checked email and now i am on cp no that interesting iof i could tell u every little detail of my day it would be such agood story but i can’t caus i don’t no if u r some crazy stalker dude.  p.s. r u a crazy stalker dud?? 

All about me!! (and other stuff!!!)

Posted On December 12, 2007

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since no one really comes 2 this site i have decided 2 change it. This site is now gonna be about me and a bunch of other stuff, I will ask questions 2 people and post what they say. if they want it 2 b anyonomous it can b. okey dokes i will start posting suff 2day and 2morrow most likley if u want me 2 tak about something particular kust ask and it shall be givin. k bye                                                             love ya (like a sis or a bro)                                                                            Courtney 

Hello world!

Posted On November 6, 2007

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Hello peoplz my name is Courtney or u may know me as Candylover101 on other blogs. This is going to be a place where we talk about many thing just send me something u want 2 c on the site and I’ll get started. Example if someone sends me something like wat about a fashion page or a collectibles page or just a chill-in out page u would use to talk 2 other people. There r many things people like 2 talk about just send me a message at ILOVEDOGS15@yahoo.com and we can get started and most likely if u ask 4 it and think u can handle it u will be the person in charge of that part of this website.